Meet Elliot Sutton, owner and expert barista of Gulfperk Coffee Bar. Since he was young, he always had a passion for all things coffee. Maybe it was the many conversations to be had over a cup, or perhaps it was the infinite possibilities of what he could create that attracted him; but after working in coffee shops for almost 10 years, he was certain this is where he needed to be.

Born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL, only a short drive from his shop, Elliot has always dreamed of having his own coffee bar in Gulfport, FL. From an early age, the sense of community and uniqueness of the small town always drew him in. In 2021, after about two years of working as a barista at Gulfperk, he was offered the opportunity of a lifetime – to be the new owner of Gulfperk Coffee Bar – the coffee shop of his dreams.